Platform for contemporary artists from the Armenian Diaspora
Platform for contemporary artists from the Armenian Diaspora

Dahlia Elsayed/Andrew Demirjian

they live and work in the New York City area


English, Armenian

What makes a place memorable?


How does that place hold its shape long after we have moved away or time and/or development have radically transformed it?
The best maps and most thoughtful urban planning don't take into account the basic sensory effects of a place: the smell of the air on a particular day, the sound of a word that was spoken or the color of a shadow cast.


For us, this is what designs a place and stays with you as a symbol of a geographic location.




Dahlia Elsayed and Andrew Demirjian create multi-media work (installation, painting, video) that deal with the ephemeral symbols of place and the resonance of locations in one's memory. Their collaborative works have been exhibited internationally, including Laznia Center for Contemporary Art in Poland, NPAK in Armenia, and Locust Projects in Miami, Florida.