Platform for contemporary artists from the Armenian Diaspora
Platform for contemporary artists from the Armenian Diaspora


This part of the project consisted of a virtual dialogue. Each month for a year the artists sent visual material – sketches, photos, and sometimes texts – to the others. The subject matter was freely selected by the artists, topics and objects of their personal reflections at the time. All artists then answered these visual statements with further visual material (and/or text). At the end of the year we thus had 12 statements, 72 answers from each participant. The freedom in the selection of the issues allowed for general, organic view of topics that concern Armenian artists today from different geographical parts of the world.

The second dialogue project, called ‘heroes & identification paradigms’, aimed to go deeper into the process of visual dialog, and to explore more specific subjects. Instead of general visual statements and answers, the dialogs took place monthly in blogs between pairs of artists. Each pair established a blog, also allowing for the the other artist groups, and also other invited persons take part in the visual 'conversation' in form of commentaries.