María Bedoian

born 1978 in Buenos Aires, lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina

When I was a child I decided to be an artist. I thought it would be a suitable job for me, for its fundamental use of creativity. Plus, it could be done anywhere in the world, allowing me to interact with people from other cultures, speaking other languages. Perhaps I could speak to them in my 'art' language.

Ever since, I have not ceased to draw, to express emotions, to investigate. Then I suddenly developed with my images an identity. One that is spreading, changing its forms, adapting to my circumstances or my possibilities, but is always rooted in the genealogy of my trace. Belonging to this project, that gathers artists from the so-called Diaspora, means delving into questions of my family history that have always intrigued me, but which have not been tackled explicitly. The concept for this piece is a Babel tower that nurtures cosmopolitanism, with all its richness and dislocations.
Though I always begin preparing for a mural with pictures of the walls, measurements, plans and multiple sketches, I've always found that the real thing, the final coordinates, happen once I'm up the ladder, feeling the space, breathing the air and absorbing smells, sounds and seizing up that uniqueness. I guess it's either because I belong to the space while I perform, or perhaps because the viewers and me are within reach and can start talking.


Her works comprise sculpture, installation, drawing and urban intervention. Mixing the urban and the organic, abstraction and figuration. She co-directs the artist-run exhibit space  'Meta! Galeria' since 2013. She obtained a BA in Fine Art at London Metropolitan University, in 2004, and resided in London for her studies period. Back in Buenos Aires, she won a grant at CIA, Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas taking part of workshops with prestigious international artists. In 2014, sculptures from her series Coral Galaxia were selected for the Salón Nacional, Palais de Glace, and the Itaú Cultural Prize, Argentina. She has made permanent and lengthy site-specific works at several art institutions in Buenos Aires, such as the large scale façade mural 'Células de vida' commissioned by the Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires. Her works have been exhibited in Argentina, Brasil, Chile, México, Germany, Spain, Holland, USA and UK.

Founded in 2004 by Silvina Der-Meguerditchian, Underconstruction was a communication platform for artists interested in issues of identity, transglobalization and the construction of both personal and groupconsciousness. Underconstruction is also interested in issues of concern to worldwide diasporas, including but not limited to the Armenian diaspora. 

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