Platform for contemporary artists from the Armenian Diaspora
Platform for contemporary artists from the Armenian Diaspora

Why work with blogs after our initial visual dialogs?

The blog is a relatively new way to reflect everyday life quickly and fluently, where pictures, words and videos can all be used for our dialogues. The fact that the artists themselves maintain their own blogs will allow the process to grow without the surveillance of the initiator Silvina Der-Meguerditchian, and will allow communications, content, form and strategies take their own rhythm. Using the blog format as an artistic tool enables us to experience the medium with another intention: we experiment with and push the boundaries of a new tool that could bring us to new visual results. Or perhaps it will only be part of a process with a visual artistic result: an artwork. In this open form we can also invite cultural practitioners from outside, such as as curators, thinkers or other artists, to take part or to reflect on our dialogues. Also, this is financially affordable and integrated into the every day life of the artists. The medium, its possibilities and its boundaries can be a matter of discussion between the artists too.