This part of the project consists of a virtual dialogue. Every artist will send in monthly alternating rhythm pictures (visual material, for example sketches, photos, etc.) and/ or texts to the others with free selected topics, object of their personal reflection and they have to answer to the visual statements of the othe artists with pictures (visual material) /and or text for the period of one year. It means that everybody will send 12 times (one statement and 6 answers). This freedom in the selection of the issues allows us to have a general view of topics that concern Armenian artists today from different geographical parts of the world

Founded in 2004 by Silvina Der-Meguerditchian, Underconstruction was a communication platform for artists interested in issues of identity, transglobalization and the construction of both personal and groupconsciousness. Underconstruction is also interested in issues of concern to worldwide diasporas, including but not limited to the Armenian diaspora. 

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