David Kareyan

born 1968 in Vanadzor, Armenia (2011)


Rusian, English, Armenian

I express prohibited desires in my works.
These desires transform, are not recognizable, often are not even named and can be perceived as desires, which do not exist.
Human desires are social by nature, though we often take them as something beyond the accepted limits.
I am trying to understand the man. Is it possible to live without violence, what is the man’s environment?
Why can’t the culture, being a compensating mechanism, specify those limits where a man will feel in his natural environment?
Why does it seem to the man that the forest or the sea is his natural environment? Is it possible for reality to resemble art?
I am striving to elicit such questions from the audience, using aesthetic and psychological oppositions.


1993-1999 Academy of fine art, Yerevan, Armenia

1989-1993 College of Arts, Yerevan, Armenia

Selected Group Exhibitions

2005 EcoTopia, Museum of Archeology, Tbilisi, Georgia

2004 On the Edge, Likovni salon, Celje, Slovenia

2004 Armenian film festival, NYC, USA

2004 KINOSHOK, International film festival, Anapa, Russia

2003 Politcs under 180°, ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia

2003 Adieu Parajanov, Kunsthalle Vienna, Austria

2003 50 Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy

2003 The Last East European Show, Museum of contemporary art, Belgrade, Serbia

2003 Appendix 2, Tbilisi History Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia

2002 Caucus, Thessalonica, Greece 

2002 Contemporary Art of Armenia, House of Artist, Tehran, Iran

2001 Beyond icons, National museum of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia

2001 Utopiana Hay-art, Yerevan, Armenia

2001 49 Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy

2000 Festival est.ouest, Die, France

2000 Collapse, ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia

2000 International Biannual of Giumry, Giumry, Armenia

2000 Parallel realities, Armenian Austrian join exhibition, Hay-art, Yerevan, Armenia

1999 Great Atrophy, Hay-Art, Yerevan, Armenia

1999 “Crisis”, ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia

1995 Question of Ark, Museum of Modern Art, Yerevan, Armenia

1995 Contemporary Art of Armenia 80 -95, CHA, Moscow, Russia

1995 Act, Ex-Voto Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia

1995 Rediscovery space, Bochum, Germany

1994 P.S., Arvest Gallery, Yerevan

Selected Solo Exhibitions



2003 Are There Visible Things Impossible to Show? ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia

2002 Art Body and Society, Hay-Art, Yerevan, Armenia

1994 Fixation”, AOKS, Yerevan, Armenia

Selected Grants

2003 Art residency, FCCA, Prague, Czech Republic

2002 Art residency, CEC International Partners, NY, USA



2005 Curator of exhibition, “Photo+”, ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia

2005 Curator of Armenian pavilion in 51 Venice biennale, Venice, Italy

2004 lecture, SCCA-LJUBLJANA, Ljubljana, Slovenia2003 Lecture, FCCA, Prague, Czech Republic

2002 lecture, SUNY New Palts, NY, USA

2001 Commissioner of festival, “Affirmative art”, ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia

2000 Curator of exhibition, “Civic-commotion”, ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia

1999 Curator of exhibition, “Crisis”, ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia

1998 Curator of exhibition, “Inscription”, ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia

1995 Co-curator of exhibition, “Act”, Ex-Voto Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia

1994 Co-curator of exhibition, “69”, House of artists, Yerevan, Armenia

1994 Co-curator of exhibition, “P.S.”, Art Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia

Published Texts

2002 “The missioners of destroyed culture”, Garun magazine

2003 “Post-factum, inscription”, Garun magazine

1994 “Pure Creation” Garun magazine



2004 On The Edge

2003 50 Venice Biennale

2003 The Last East European Show,

2002 Second International Biannual of Giumry

2003 Appendix 2

2001 49 Venice Biennale

2000 First International Biannual of Giumry

1999 Great Atrophy, Hay-Art

1995 Contemporary Art of Armenia 80 -95


Founded in 2004 by Silvina Der-Meguerditchian, Underconstruction was a communication platform for artists interested in issues of identity, transglobalization and the construction of both personal and groupconsciousness. Underconstruction is also interested in issues of concern to worldwide diasporas, including but not limited to the Armenian diaspora. 

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