Exhibition: A toast to Mnemosynes!

The central piece in the exhibition is the eponymous installation Auf Mnemosynes wohl! (To Mnemosyne's Health!) in the foyer of the Gorki. A mnemothek that gathers together differentmaterials: videos, books, photographs and sculptures by Archi Galentz (Moscow/Berlin), Gariné Torrosian (Canada), Achot Achot (Yerevan/ Paris), Jean Marie Casbarian (USA), Karine Matsakian (Yerevan), Maria Bedoian (Buenos Aires), Mikayel Ohanjanian (Yerevan/Florence) and Silvina Der-Meguerditchian (Buenos Aires/Berlin). The work of artist Archi Galentz is represented by two larger pieces. In Cut out walls, he addresses aspects of belonging and escape using fragments of walls from different times and places. In the series Not Red Banners, he uses layers of fabric to build images of a vibrant colour that correspond to the red of the Armenian flag. In cooperation with the Houshamadyan association, Silvina Der-Meguerditchian developed the Armenische Musikbox (Armenian Jukebox) with a collection of songs from Armenians. This collection of music and the concluding installation Objekte, die Geschichten erzählen (Objects that tell stories) try to reconstruct everyday life and artistically fill the gaps in Armenian collective memory through art.



A view of the Installation A TOAST TO MNEMOSYNE. In the photo above appear the following works:


Afactum (video), 2008, by Achot Achot

Music for a Home (video), 2001, by Karine Matsakian

Introverted Perspective (metal sculpture), 2012, by Mikayel Ohanjanyan

Serie Coral Galaxia (gypsum sculpture), 2015, by Maria Bedoian

Girl from Moush (video), 2005, by Gariné Torossian



Some details from the installation:

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